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Meet The Team

Mark Wruble-18.jpg

Marc K. Wruble,

Dr. Wruble is a Licensed Child and Family Clinical Psychologist, and the Director of the Platteville Family Resource Center, Inc. He helps children, their parents, families, and adults. Areas of specialization include improving parent-child relationships, trauma-informed treatment, attachment-based therapy, executive functioning therapy, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. He is a widely sought workshop trainer.  He has conducted workshops on Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Bullying, the Effects of iTechnology on Children, Sexual Abuse, Happiness, the Effects of iTechnology on Sexual Assault, Gender-based Differences, Compassion Fatigue, Effective Parenting, iParenting, conducting Empirically-based Custody Evaluations, Family Therapy, Relationship Enhancement, and how to Talk with Children about Sex. He is a level II EMDR clinician. Dr. Wruble conducts psychological, personality, parenting, child custody, and forensic evaluations. He is an expert witness in six counties and three states. He is also a retired Professor of Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. His academic life allows him to research better ways to understand and help his patients using the best practices available to decrease their suffering and increase their happiness.

Dr. Gates is a Licensed Psychologist, specializing in working with individuals who wish to address substance use issues in addition to their mental health concerns.  She also provides individual therapy for adults who are seeking treatment for depression, anxiety, or issues related to sexuality.  She is a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and teaches courses related to counseling, psychopathology, substance use, and sexuality.

Elizabeth Gates - DSC05390.jpg

Elizabeth Gates,


Michelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor and specializes in working with adolescents and their families to build more cohesive family systems. She also provides adult and couples counseling.  She has extensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Michelle specializes in working with anxiety, depression, conduct/disruptive behavior, and offenders. She provides services in both the Dodgeville and Platteville offices.

Michelle Zettle-Bruegger, MS, CAPSW, LPC

Tracy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is building the agency’s Intensive In-Home Family Therapy program. Tracy specializes in working with children, adolescents, and families. Her primary interests include attachment and trauma issues for children. She provides services in the Platteville, Dodgeville, and Lancaster offices


Tracy Vanden Heuvel, MSSW, LCSW


Brittany is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Previous to working at PFRC, she has worked with children with autism spectrum disorder providing in-home therapy. She has experience working with children (5 and up), teens and adults. Brittany’s areas of knowledge include mood and anxiety disorders, stress management, family and life adjustments, college and work issues, ADHD, post-partum depression, parenting, and divorce issues. She provides services at the Platteville and Lancaster offices.

Brittany Brown, MSE, LPC

Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist, Certified Systemic Play and Art Therapist. as well as a graduate of the UW Department of Psychiatry’s infant, early childhood, and maternal mental health program. Nicole has had the privilege of providing mental health treatment to adults, children, adolescents and families in a variety of outpatient, community, and school based settings. She specializes in trauma informed practices, anxiety, depression, enhancing parent/ child relationships, transition to parenthood, infant mental health, early childhood mental health, maternal mental health, post-partum depression, stress reduction during life transitions, grief and loss, and ADHD. Nicole provides services in our Mount Horeb office.


Nicole Schroeder,


Shanna is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Prior to working at PFRC, she provided behavioral counseling to children (ages 3-18) and their families as well as  in-home therapy to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She has experience working with children (ages 3 and up), teens, adults and families. Shanna specializes in working with anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, PTSD, improving family relationships and co-parenting counseling. She provides services at the Platteville and Dodgeville offices.

Shanna Schumacher,

Jack is a professional licensed counselor.  He specializes in working with kids, teens, adults, and families.  His areas of practice include: anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, ADHD, and attachment. Jack provides services at the Platteville, Lancaster, and Dodgeville offices. 


Jack Basten

Rick Hodges 5.jpeg

Richard Hodges

Dr. Hodges has a Psy.D. in clinical psychology. Presently, he is a Licensed Professional Counselor while completing requirements for licensure as a psychologist. Dr. Hodges provides both therapy and assessment services.
He provides therapy for adults, couples, and teenagers (age 15 and older). In therapy, he helps clients dealing with trauma, mood issues (such as depression and anxiety), and psychological functioning concerns such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and emotion regulation. He also assists clients transitioning through their lifespan including moving through various life stages, career transitions, and chronic illness. Dr. Hodges is also trained in the administration and interpretation of numerous psychological and neurocognitive assessments. These services are available for individuals aged six and older. These assessments are useful for the diagnosis and treatment of issues related to cognitive, behavioral, and personality functioning. They are used to identify issues such as autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, developmental disorders, learning disabilities, and for treatment planning.

Hannah is an Advanced Practice Social Worker and a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor.  Previous to working at PFRC, Hannah worked in AODA counseling, specializing in drugs specific to Opiates, Cocaine, Meth, Heroin and Fentanyl.  Hannah has also worked with Alcohol and THC addiction.  She has experience working with adults ages 18 and above. Hannah specializes in Anxiety, Depression and other mood disorders as well as life transitions and grief.

Hannah Collins - IMG-4389.jpg

Hannah Collins

IMG_3910 - Katrina.jpeg

Katrina is an Advanced Practice Social Worker who is in the process of obtaining her clinical license. Katrina enjoys working with children (typically ages 5-14) and their caregivers. Previously, Katrina did therapy and worked with kids in the foster care/adoption system. Katrina’s primary areas of practice are: ADD/ADHD, Adoption/Foster Care, Attachment, Behavioral Challenges, Neurodiverse Children/ Developmental Disorders, Emotion/Mood/Behavioral Regulation, and Self-Esteem/Self-Worth. Katrina provides services in our Platteville office. 

Katrina Tranel

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Therapy Session

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Therapy Session

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