What is the Platteville Family Resource Center, Inc.?

The Platteville Family Resource Center is committed to compassionate, confidential, and quality treatment of mental health challenges. We believe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Because even people with the same challenges require different approaches, we offer a broad variety of therapy approaches and services.

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Inspirational Quote:

“You and a friend are sitting around wallowing in negativity when your pity patience button goes off and you realize that enough is enough. Negative energy is only good for batteries. So pick yourself up and turn your pity party into a pamper party. If you don’t have enough green stuff to go to a local day spa, seek out a beauty school in your area for inexpensive indulgence.

These schools often set aside certain times of the week when they offer their services free to the public for training purposes. I don’t think I would necessarily let them perm my eye lashes, but the price is definitely right for facials, massages, and pedicures. And if there’s no beauty school in your ‘hood,’ then you and your friend can pamper one another. Just take turns polishing, shining, and generally caring for each other.”

Sydney, Laurin. Little Things Make a Big Difference. Carlsbad: Hay House, 2002. Print.